5 Top Tips When It Comes To Cleaning Your Office

Are you regularly finding that the bin at your office is overflowing or perhaps the number of plates and cutlery are continuously mounting up in the kitchen sink? If this is the case, now is the time to implement a cleaning schedule for your office or consider using a professional commercial cleaning service. Here are our top 5 tips when it comes to cleaning your office.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

It will be worth dividing the cleaning duties up into at least 4 sections: vacuuming, washing up, emptying the bins and wiping the desks. You could nominate 4 people per week to carry out these responsibilities and rotate the people/duties on a weekly basis. This is a practical way of ensuring that everyone is pitching in and to make sure that every cleaning task is attended to.

Don’t Forget to Clean Electronics

As gross as it may sound, there is actually more bacteria on a standard office keyboard than on a toilet seat. Therefore, you should ensure to clean electronic devices too, including keyboards, computer monitors and phones too. Disinfectant wipes are a great way to clean the electronics in your office for an affordable price.

Ensure The Kitchen Is Spotless

Although this is an obvious one, your office kitchen should be spotless to ensure that there are no safety concerns regarding food hygiene when people are preparing their lunch. You should wipe down the kitchen surfaces at least once a week and you should ideally have a deep clean of the microwave and fridge on a monthly basis.

How Many Hours Should I Spend Cleaning?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question as it will vary depending on how big your office is. Ideally, you should be setting aside a couple of hours per week for general office upkeep and maintenance. You should set aside an afternoon on a set day each week for your employees to spend tidying the office, following a cleaning schedule that everybody is involved in.

Is It Worth Using A Professional Cleaning Service?

If you simply don’t have the time/resources to clean your office on a regular basis, you may contemplate using a professional cleaning service. Professional cleaning services are an effective solution as they have all of the necessary cleaning tools at their disposal. Meaning that your staff can be working while the cleaning staff take care of all of your cleaning needs, including window cleaning, carpet cleaning and other services.

Speak To Our Experts

If your office is based in Cambridge or Cambridgeshire, you may wish to contact CFCS today. Our friendly team provide a professional and reliable cleaning service that is unmatched, call us today on 01223 782 313 to discuss our array of office cleaning services.

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