DIY Carpet Cleaning vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is the Best Bet for Your Business

For any business, public image is a hugely important part of building a reputation and achieving success. The cleanliness of your premises is vital, whether you’re inviting potential clients for meetings at your headquarters, or serving the public directly in the hospitality trade.

One of the most difficult aspects of commercial cleaning to keep on top of is carpet care. As carpets age they inevitably pick up dirt and stains, and this will obviously reflect badly on your business if it’s not dealt with. When the time comes that simply running a vacuum cleaner over your carpets isn’t enough, you may think that replacement is the only option. However, professional carpet cleaning can leave your floors looking like new, along with delivering many other benefits compared to taking the DIY approach.

Expertise and Experience

Firstly, professional carpet cleaners have the expertise and experience to pick the correct type and amount of detergent needed for your particular carpets and the stains they have. This not only prevents accidental damage by using the wrong cleaning fluid, but ensures that the best results are achieved with the minimum of expense.


Using less detergent is also friendlier to the environment, and any modern business knows how helpful it can be to project an eco-friendly image to potential customers.

Professional Machinery

Just as importantly, professionals will have access to industrial-grade cleaning machines and carpet bonnet buffing machines to get the job done in far less time. There’s no need for the damaging, heavy scrubbing that you’d need to clean as thoroughly doing it yourself.

Faster Drying

If you tried to wet-wash your carpets yourself, you could be putting your premises out of action for a considerable period while they dry, which is obviously difficult when running a business. Professional cleaners use turbo-drying equipment to ensure your floors dry out in the shortest possible time. This not only minimises the disruption to your business, but it greatly lessens the danger of damp carpets picking up mould or unpleasant odours.

Safety Issues

Lastly, sometimes strong chemicals are necessary to deal with heavy staining. Are you willing to let your untrained staff handle the job, with the liability problems that could cause? Are you also willing to risk your customers’ safety if the work needs to be carried out during public hours?

For all these reasons, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the only sensible decision if your carpets are looking past their best. It’s quicker, cheaper, safer, and will cause far fewer problems for the smooth running of your business.

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