How To Clean York Stone Floors

Yorkstone, also known as Yorkshire Stone, is a natural sandstone that is renowned for its durable properties. This makes Yorkstone a popular material for bollards, roofing slates, patios, various garden features and flooring. Widely used in industrial kitchens, after years of use and food spillages, the Yorkstone can be susceptible to losing its natural colour.

As floor cleaning specialists, here are some tips for those looking to revitalise the appearance of their Yorkstone floors:

Step 1 – Cover Any Surrounding Walls & Furniture

Before you begin getting to work on cleaning your Yorkstone floor, you must first ensure that any walls and furniture are covered in protective coverings to ensure that it avoids any potential stains or splashes.

Step 2 – Vacuum Your Yorkstone Floor

Once you have ensured that the surrounding areas are protected, you can then get to work in vacuuming the floor. It’s important to ensure that any loose bits of debris have been vacuumed so that the surface is completely clean.

Step 3 – Begin The Floor Washing Process

Option 1 – Softer Clean For Internal Locations % Less ‘Sound’ Stone

Using a rotary floor scrubber and solution tank the floor is scrubbed to remove any old sealant, this is then rinsed and wet vacuumed. The floor is then scrubbed to clean the stone. This is then rinsed and wet vacuumed.

Option 2 – Deep Hot Water Pressure Cleaning For Internal or External Locations

Pre mopping the floor with a degreasing agent or applying a degreasing agent using a rotary floor scrubber and solution tank may be necessary in some cases, however, we run our pressure washer water at 85°c and do not usually need to use any chemicals or pre-cleaning at all.

Step 4 – Use A Pressure Washer To Cut Through Any Dirt

Our hot water pressure washer running at 85°c will cut through most kinds of dirt and stains that can be removed. We use a Karcher FRV ME 30 which is an enclosed rotating set of high-pressure jets which eliminates the spray of water usually associated with high-pressure washing. It also has a suck facility which removes all of the dirty water from the surface as it cleans and which goes down a hose to a drain. This means it can be used inside with minimal mess.

Step 5 – Wait For The Floor To Dry | Use A Speed Floor Dryer

The next step is to leave the floor to dry, we typically recommend waiting a good 24 hours. Whenever we are doing a deep clean of yorkstone flooring, we can have the floor surface dried in as little time as possible using our speed floor drying blowers.

Step 6 – Apply Sealant To Penetrate Any Cracks

Once the floor has dried, there is a range of choices as to what kind of sealant you can have. You can enhance the finish of your stone, or just add some protection to help protect the surface from water damage and stains. This will ensure that your Yorkstone floor can remain protected for years to come.

Have Any Questions? Speak To Our Floor Cleaning Specialists

If you have any questions related to the cleaning of your YorkStone floors, please feel free to contact our commercial cleaning experts on 01223 782 313 or fill out an enquiry form.

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