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Throughout the years at Chris Finlayson Cleaning Services, we’ve noticed that marquees can be tough to keep clean. Not only do they come in white, making the dirt very noticeable, but they’re also kept outside in the rough and windy conditions of Britain. If you’ve got a marquee being used all year long and taking it back down isn’t an option, or if you’ve just put your marquee up and discovered it’s already becoming quite dirty, then call us via 01223 782 313.

We offer a professional onsite marquee cleaning service for those who are in need of an experienced team to clean your marquee. We pride ourselves on offering results that cannot be matched by others without dismantling the marquee and sending it by courier, disrupting your business.

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Reliable Marquee Cleaning Services

At Chris Finlayson Cleaning Services, we will clean your marquee whilst it’s erect using our deionised pure water system, reaching the highest peaks of your roof from the ground.

While other professionals normally expect you to send the marquee to them using a courier service (at your expense) so they can clean it, dry it, fold it, then dry it again and have your courier collect it to return your marquee, we minimise those stages by conveniently cleaning your marquee on-site.

This ensures our marquee cleaning service prevents any disruption and downtime to your business by ensuring no money is lost through the time and manpower needed to dismantle the marquee, not to mention the number of possible bookings you could lose out on. That’s why we come to you and clean your marquee while it’s still up, on-site, allowing you to continue trading and using your marquee.

Equipped For Any Job

Our Land Rover Defender 4×4 is well-equipped and allows us to access any site with our equipment, such as farms, fields, festivals, building sites and additional places that other vehicles are not capable of getting to. We can carry up to 425l of water before we need to refill from a water source – any tap will work as the equipment in the back of our van deionises and purifies the water as we use it. Whilst we clean your marquee, you can monitor the progress. If there are any specific areas that need special attention, please let us know and we can ensure that your marquee is left spotless and ready for your next event.

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If you’re based in Cambridge or anywhere in the UK and would like to arrange for your marquee to be cleaned please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01223 782 313 or fill out an online contact form.

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