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Caring for the exterior of your property is just as important as looking after the inside, and a good place to start is by choosing an efficient window cleaning service. We at CFCS, pride ourselves on providing a high standard of cleaning for all properties, such as houses, offices, hotels, colleges, schools and many more. Through years of hard work, we have worked with a broad range of different companies throughout Cambridge and cleaned windows of all shapes and sizes.

Operating throughout Cambridgeshire, using only high-quality equipment for a pristine clean, our team of window cleaning experts has been trained to provide a second to none service. Reaching high-level areas for a truly thorough clean that is sure to make a huge improvement to the exterior appearance of your property. As we are a local company, we are able to tackle any jobs in Cambridge with ease. So if you have an urgent request, don’t hesitate to get in contact and we will be more than happy to cater to your window cleaning needs.

Advanced Window Cleaning Technology

Depending on the type of window cleaning, we use different tools and techniques so the results achieved are significantly better than those achieved with the use of traditional domestic methods. Our commitment to providing an unmatched level of service has allowed us to establish ourselves as a reliable provider of window cleaning throughout Cambridgeshire.

Glass Cleaning Services

As well as windows, we also offer our cleaning services for mirrors and other glass surfaces in Cambridge, so you can be sure that these remain in good condition and looking their best. Our glass cleaning services are quick and cost-effective, our prices are extremely competitive, you can request a free quote today by filling out a contact form or call us on 01223 782 313.

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We use an ADVANCED DE-IONISED PURE WATER SYSTEM rather than a reverse osmosis system like our competitors. The reverse osmosis system will waste approximately 1000 litres of water to filter 500 litres of water ready to be de-ionised, taking about 8 hours to do so, whereas our system doesn’t waste a drop and is ready to go as soon as our tank is filled up with normal tap water, about 20 mins! We go straight from the water tank to the de-ionising process producing instant de-ionised pure water. This system is far LESS WASTEFUL and has EFFICIENCIES ON SITE which means we do not have to keep leaving the site to refill our tanks if there is a water tap available to use.

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Large range of cleaning services available
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Range of cleaning services available

Range of Cleaning Services Available
  • Windows

    We are experts in cleaning windows quickly and cost effectively

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    If you notice your mirrors are in need of a clean, call us now.

  • Glass Surfaces

    We offer competitive glass cleaning services too suit everyone

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